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Happy Holidays!
We hope you all have a great day and enjoy the time with your friends and family.
Mouse Jocks Multi-Gaming Community

From time to time, individuals come along and show enormous passion and dedication to Mouse Jocks and the community here. They give their time and skills to help our community grow, although most of this happens behind the scenes and we would like to acknowledge and invite members of the community who haven't made themselves known to us to a community meeting! The meeting will take place in our Teamspeak on March 1st, 2014, at 7 PM Central Standard Time (USA). There, everyone will be able to meet and greet, discuss the state of the community, who we are, who we strive to be, and anything else that may be on everyone's minds! Bring your suggestions, your criticism, your enthusiasm, to our very first meeting! We look forward to seeing everyone there, this is your chance to be a part of the development of this community! If you plan on joining us, feel free to click here and add yourself to our attendance list! Thanks everyone!
Pwncode Updated post with attendance list
Slagg I hope this meeting goes on for a little while, i work till 7PM tommorow, so hopefully ill still be able to catch it hal ...

New division!

Pwncode posted Feb 16, 14

Mouse Jocks would like to officially recognize and welcome Engaged to our community as a new gaming division! You can find their website link at the top on the navigation bar under Divisions & Rosters. Engaged is striving to be one of the most active clans in the APB Reloaded gaming scene. They are friendly, sociable, and have a nice structure that suit Mouse Jocks well. They are definitely players that we can consider our family. So, I hope everyone can agree when I say congratulations and welcome, Engaged to our family!

rexywilly CONGRATS CASSIDEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PIERCE ii wickedddd
JackCisco FUCK YEAH!

Although redundant...

Pwncode posted Dec 25, 13

Happy Holidays!

Mouse Jocks Multi-Gaming would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.
We hope you all have a great day and enjoy the time with your friends and family.

Dim beep
Shankles Deadpool is still around. If you haven't follow up with him on Twitch, he's streaming all of the time. http://www.twitch ...
snapy1 What ever happened to Deadpool?
After months of slaving over broken code, we've finally revamped and overhauled the entire website!

We are now running off the Enjin network to provide a more fluid, and stable website content management system. This means we will have more content streamlined in a pleasing and well organized manner. You'll also notice there are a lot of new pages for informative content. A majority of the website can be edited on the fly and changes can be made without causing harm to any of our internal files. Hopefully this will be the last time we wipe our user database and posts.

I apologize if you guys (and gals) have been frustrated with having to re-register, but please do again, as we are using the Enjin network for our website systems. Fortunately, if you've already got an Enjin account, registering should be no problem!

We hope you guys enjoy the new layout, the new systems, and the new pages. Please be sure to post in the suggestions area of the forums if you guys have any ideas for improvement, or changes.

Thank you,
Snipe and the Mouse Jocks Administration Team
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